Portraits of a Tea Cosy

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

13 February – 28 March 2015

Loani Prior and Mark Crocker

Loani Prior, All Form and No Function and That Hat. 2013,Wool, interfacing,Image Courtesy of the artist

Inspired by the revival of the ‘handmade’ Portraits of a Tea Cosy brings together social history, craft, photography and sculpture using the humble tea cosy as a vessel to evoke nostalgic memories and deep familial love.

Portraits of a Tea Cosy consists of photographs, audio stories and knitted objects that were inspired during a series of story gatherings and workshops held during 2012. The exhibition explores stories of family and friendship in the unselfconscious joy of owning something quirky. 

Portraits of a Tea Cosy is a travelling exhibition developed by Warwick Art Gallery and toured by Museum and Gallery Service Queensland.