The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project - group exhibition

3 November - 17 December 2016

The Uniform Project is derived from research into images of women wearing uniforms, in particular, women artists wearing the uniform of the sensible smock. Born from images such as , for example, 19th century women artists standing demurely at easels, Russian artists designing overalls for factory workers and sports uniforms for athletes to contemporary artists such as Gabrielle and Silvano Mangano creating performance work influenced by the Russian Blue Blouse movement, this project creates a new suite of ideas an uniforms.

The artists Alison Alder, Dan Edwards and Megan Jackson have designed, sewn, printed, appliqued and woven three new uniforms. The uniforms draw inspiration from artists they admire, are work by artists they respect, celebrate the work of women artists in general and are photographed and written about by practitioners whose work fulfils the ethos of feminist collective assistance and promotion.

The exhibition will comprise of three uniforms, (life size garments) and a suite of photographs, by photographer Julia Boyd, of the uniforms being worn by three highly regarded local artists while at work in their studios.

Commissioned by Art Monthly Australasia for the November 2016 issue guest-edited by Raquel Ormella