City of Design: Members Exhibition

In 2017, Craft ACT’s annual curated members exhibition celebrates Canberra as a city of design, showcasing diversity and excellence, and foregrounding the skilful and sometimes hidden activities of makers in the ACT region. City of design features recent work by almost 60 Accredited Professional Members and Associate Members working across all mediums of craft and design including jewellery, furniture, metal, textiles, ceramics, and glass, creating a rich tapestry of living, working and making in Canberra.


Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser, Leonie Andrews, Angela Bakker, Stephen Barrass, Dr Julie Bartholomew, Elliot Bastianon, Ruby Berry, Sally Blake, Peter Bollington, Sean Booth, Julie Bradley, Zoe Brand, Ximena Natanya Briceno, Georgina Bryant, Robyn Campbell, Andres Caycedo, Jodie Cunningham, Janet DeBoos, Rozlyn de Bussey, Catherine Drinan, Judi Elliot, Rose-Mary Faulkner, Dianne Firth, Richilde Flavell, Caren Florance, Cathy Franzi, Hannah Gason, Jochen Heinzmann, Sue Hewat, Megan Hinton, Bev Hogg, Lucy Irvine, Alison Jackson, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, Jeremy Lepisto, René Linssen, Dan Lorrimer, Isabelle Mackay-Sim, Susan McGinness, Sarah Murphy, Catherine Newton, Lucy Palmer, Sharon Peoples, Kirstie Rea, Jennifer Robertson, Barbara Rogers, Luna Ryan, Robert Schwartz, Harriet Schwarzrock, Tom Skeehan, Virginia Sprague, Alice Sutton, Lia Tajcnar, Tom Taverner, Annie Trevillian, Monique van Nieuwland, Jo Victoria, Richard Whiteley

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image: Richard Whiteley. Absent, 2016. Greg Piper.


image: Dianne Firth. Breath, 2017. Andrew Sikorski - Art Atelier.