Folding Indigo

Thursday 25 October - Saturday 15 December 2018

This exhibition will bring a modern, three-dimensional perspective to the ancient crafts of Japanese shibori and indigo dyeing. The folds in the fabric honour the folds of time and tradition which both unfold and refold on a journey from ancient tradition to contemporary expression.

Born in Japan and immigrated to Australia in 1978, Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser combines Japanese traditions with Western contemporary concepts in her art. She is fascinated by the ancient Japanese dyeing technique of shibori, its strict discipline and unpredictable nature. Keiko has deepened her knowledge of this centuries old craft by learning from Japanese masters.

She has a degree in Textile Design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, Germany, and has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, with works in public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Parliament House Art Collection, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany, and Tokyo Technical Institute, Japan. An Australia Council Grant allowed her to participate in the International Shibori Symposium in India as well as in Chile. She was invited to exhibit and to give a workshop at the International Shibori Symposium in Tokyo.

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Image: Resting, Blue Crystal, Wind fold, 2017. Photo: Steve Keough