Mechanical Sampling: Phoebe Porter

31 October– 14 December 2019

Mechanical Sampling explores the possibilities of combining machining processes using a lathe with traditional and digital jewellery techniques, to create a series of rings that are invitingly tactile. Made with Porter’s signature restraint, the rings combine industrial materials such as titanium, tantalum and stainless steel with yellow gold, silver, and faceted gemstones in a study of balance, geometry and form.

For this series, Porter has taken a sampling approach, combining old and new materials and techniques to create pieces that are informed by the aesthetics of vintage precision machinery as well as geometric abstraction. Exploring processes such as turning, milling, knurling and anodising, the work has textured surfaces and interlocking parts that demand to be touched and worn. These making processes will be revealed to the audience through a video made with her long-time collaborator Andrew Sikorski, which will be shown as part of the exhibition.

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Image: Phoebe Porter, Multifaceted rings 2018. Stainless steel, titanium, 925 silver, 750 yellow gold, black and white diamonds
Image: Andrew Sikorski
Cover Image: Phoebe Porter, Angled Cubist and Cross Cut rings, 2018. 750 yellow gold, black diamond, titanium. Image: Andrew Sikorski