Differing Perspectives

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Differing Perspectives

2 July - 22 August 2020

Calum Hurley | Jordan Leeflang 

Responding to photographs of metropolitan Japan, Calum Hurley and Jordan Leeflang have created sculptural objects and pieces of furniture inspired by six different photographs. Each image - captured by Hurley in 2017 - was chosen to show the country’s unique architectural forms and urban landscape. The images display a strong representation of national design identity that both artists have experienced at different stages of their lives. With differing design outcomes emerging from a singular source, audiences are invited to trace the stylistic patterns and individual touches that emerge from each artist. The presentation of the original source image along with the resulting forms prompts viewers to engage with the work personally and conceptualise their own interpretations.

Coming from similar educational and training backgrounds in the fields of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design; Hurley and Leeflang were curious about exploring the differences that emerge in their ways of thinking and problem-solving. Their design processes naturally focus on function and human interaction.

Hurley’s practice gravitates towards reflectivity and light play. Leeflang’s focuses on proportion, colour and shape. The concept of this collaborative show aims to extend the artist’s creative capabilities by pushing them to question their processes, artistic practices, and aesthetic tendencies. Differing Perspectives was an opportunity for the artists to design without the constraints of market viability and social expectation and showcase the more experimental elements of their practices.

Image: Calum Hurley and Jordan Leeflang, Pairing #8 (Kilter Bench + Stack Side Table), 2020. Photo: courtesy of the artist.
Cover: Jordan Leeflang, Kilter Bench, 2020.Photo: courtesy of the artist.