Place Markers

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lace Markers

22 July - 16 October 2021

Sally Blake

The research for Sally Blake’s solo exhibition, Place Markers began in 2018/19 by collecting leaves and barks from the ACT eucalypts at the Australian National Botanical Gardens. The plant materials have been processed to create dyes to colour threads and cloth to make baskets and works on paper. Drawings of animals, birds and insects in the ACT eucalypt forests highlight the flourishing of life these forests protect.

After the dye research was completed 80% of Namadgi National Parks eucalypt forests were burned in the 2019/20 fire season. The fires throughout Australia were so devastating that they have marked a place in history where climate change undeniably declared itself. Blake works with burns, ash, drought-affected burnt leaves and weaving techniques to create works about this huge loss and destruction. After the fires life has begun to regenerate in the forests and Blake’s works in copper wire celebrate this renewal.

Cover image: Sally Blake, Eucalyptus Mantle (ACT), 2020. Photo courtesy of the artist