The Neck


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The Neck

27 May - 17 July 2021

Vivien Atkinson | Roseanne Bartley | Macarena Bernal | Vernon Bowden | Zoe Brand | Melissa Cameron | Anna Davern |  Pennie Jagiello | Cara Johnson | Bridget Kennedy | Claire McArdle | Melinda Young

Curator Bridget Kennedy 

The neck, often seen as a sensual part of the body, a site of vulnerability, is also a site of strength, supporting the heavy head, a conduit to our heart and lungs, providing life giving oxygen to our bodies, and nourishment through the ingestion of food. At a time when our planet and humanity seems to be suffocating on many fronts, strangled by powerful, self serving ‘leaders’, Bridget Kennedy invites selected artists to explore the neck as a vehicle for political, social, and environmental critique.

Vivien Atkinson is represented by Avid Gallery, Wellington. 
Melissa Cameron is represented by Bilk Gallery, Canberra. 

Image: Zoe Brand, Heavy sigh, 2019. Pressed aluminium, edition of 10. Photo: Andy Mullens.