12 February - 20 March 2010

Jonathan Baskett

The formal concerns of the works in this exhibition revolve around how qualities of form, colour and texture enable the objects to interact with each other and the user when held, placed or stacked.

Utilising hand making and industrial processes, the intention in this body of work is to move away from the traditional industrially-manufactured form. My aim at Nouvel is to “break out of the industrial mould” and design for manufacture with originality, clarity and simplicity, utilising ethical and sustainable practices, whilst exploring form and process through a more organic and humanist approach.

Working in a research and development role at Nouvel is exciting, demanding, challenging and always changing. In order to survive in one of the biggest cities in the world in a factory with constantly evolving projects and practices, I have developed a working system of 10 core principles; a manifesto that enables me to remain beholden to my personal values:

  • Be led by creativity but continue to be open to new ideas and techniques.
  • Respect both hand skills and technology.
  • Understand and listen to my own culture and the local one.
  • Respect and incorporate everyone where possible, but make the decision.
  • Develop and encourage teamwork - utilise this as a resource.
  • Understand the rules in order to break them.
  • Challenge, but hold true to your ideals.
  • Let the material talk but govern the process.
  • Implement and encourage OHS practices wherever possible.
  • Advocate for ethical and sustainable design and manufacture.
Images: Jonathan Baskett, Bebol cups, 2010, glass. Photos: courtesy of the artist