Daisy Chain

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Daisy Chain

2 February - 18 March 2023

Bolaji Teniola | Carman Skeehan | Courtney Hogan | Calum Donaldson | Holly Phillipson | Lauren Murphy | Melvin Josy | Tom Summers

Daisy Chain is a group exhibition proposed by the eight new associates of JamFactory’s highly respected associate program which seeks to accelerate and develop the skills of emerging artists and designers. The focus of Daisy Chain will be to utilise the JamFactory's environment for collaborative learning and mutual exchange of techniques and ideas across disciplines. The intent is to capitalise on the unique opportunity that is at the associate’s fingertips, being the actual facilities available through the JamFactory program and the dialogue that occurs by bringing together such diverse and innovative designers from across Australia.

image: Daisy Chain Group, 2022. Photo Melvin Josy