Opening Friday 16 February 2024

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Artists| Bryn Davies | Brandon Harrison | Jess Humpston | Daniel Little | Georgia Szymanski

Seeing and Knowing: New Perspectives in Furniture is a group exhibition featuring the work of Bryn Davies, Brandon Harrison, Jess Humpston, Daniel Little and Georgia Szymanski. 

Furniture holds an interesting dichotomy within our everyday lives: it is a phenomenon that spans the artistic and the functional, from complex to minimalist. Like all craft it has been deeply affected by changes in culture, trends, and technology. 

How we see a piece of furniture is guided by many preconceptions and enculturated assumptions about where they fit in our world. Mass consumption, ease of production, and ubiquity are just some of many modern forces that change how we live with our objects and skew their value. Modern consumerism has altered our connection to the materials, the process and the inspiration behind much artistry and craft. These forces constitute the ‘knowing’ that we bring to our ‘seeing’ of objects. 

The purpose of this group exhibition is to encourage the viewer to explore different ways of seeing, to bring curiosity to the mundane and to challenge the familiarity, preconceptions and ‘knowing’ that influence our view of objects, in this case furniture. This exhibition hopes to be a celebration of the human aspect in making, the beauty of everyday things, to shed light on the familiar and allow the viewer to explore, touch and experience furniture, its material, and its process from a different perspective. 

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Cover Image | Georgie Szymanski | Page Image | Jess Humpston