6 September - 20 October 2018

SHOP Showcase: GIANAKIS + GLOVER celebrates hand-crafted and beautifully designed products that have been made by our talented Craft ACT stockists, Anna Gianakis and Fiona Glover from Twig to Table.  

About the featured artists:

Anna Gianakis', practice is process driven design, within her practice she is interested in industrial prototypes and semi-industrial manufacturing techniques, and how this trend might deal with notions of identity.

Fiona Glover (founder of Twig to Table) started carving spoons on a whim and became hooked on the calming, meditative practice.

Image: Anna Gianakis, Assorted Double Walled Cups + Bowls, Porcelain. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist
Cover Image: Twig to Table, Assorted Hand-Carved Spoons, Various woods. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.