SHOP SHOWCASE: Lemon + Gianakis

Anna Gianakis 

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Gianakis is a Canberra based Designer Maker who offsets her conventional 9 to 5 job with an irrepressibly dedicated studio practice. Her high quality ceramic objects are innovative and are designed to marry all things special with the every-day. Gianakis has developed an original series of slipcast double walled cups and bowls in brushed porcelain that explore form, function and collective uses of colour.

Recognised nationally and internationally, Gianakis' work has been exhibited in the likes of designer/maker trade fairs, conferences and competitions in Australia, Scotland, USA, UK and Germany.

Gianakis' bud vases are a series of oval vessels that explore the materiality of clay and collective uses of colour. The works are made from porcelain slip that Gianakis colours with incremental additions of orange, blue, green and black ceramic stains.

Chelsea Lemon

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Chelsea Lemon is a Canberra based designer and maker who works with timber. Many of her pieces include foliage and plant themes, mixed with interactivity and the decorative woodworking technique 'parquetry'.

Chelsea’s work explores new ways of incorporating shapes into design, by creating dynamic geometric arrangements and forms that are influenced by nature.Chelsea's work questions archetypical furniture, and showcases a new and fresh approach to a traditional woodworking technique. Her practice incorporates art into craft and design, and offers a new perspective on furniture design within Australia.

Chelsea's Canberra limited edition trays are each made in Canberra with hand cut parquetry & marquetry. The designs are based on well known landmarks in the Canberra region including but not limited to, the High Court of Australia, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Callam Offices and the National Carillon.