Fragment no.2
Fragment no.2

Fragment no.2

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Materials: Made from 999 silver, 925 silver

Dimensions: 8 mm x 8 mm

About the Maker: Danielle Lo is an emerging contemporary jeweller who has a deep fascination with her presence and sense of place amongst nature. Her works are gentle reflections of the organic environments around us, demonstrated through botanical forms, floral motifs and other imagery borrowed from nature. From her Sydney studio, she crafts intimate pieces that explore the physical world around her.

Lo has a meditative practice which draws ideas from the Buddhist theories of Zen. Reflective of this, her works search for strength and inner peace. This is reflected through their delicate designs and the intricate details that are a product meditative handcrafting.

Lo predominately works in gold, silver and enamel using lost wax casting and traditional silversmithing techniques. Each line, shape or form that Lo makes is a physical testament to the conceptual ideas that she invests herself in. Wearers of her jewellery are to feel the peace that Lo has found through the healing process of making.