Kangaroo Paw (Black Ink on White Paper, hand coloured)

Kangaroo Paw (Black Ink on White Paper, hand coloured)

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Materials: Lino print card - black ink on white paper

Dimensions: 10 cm x 15 cm

About the Maker: Lisa recently retired from CSIRO after a 35-year career in plant biotechnology research. She will now be able to spend more time on her art practice.

Nature, mainly plants, inspire her art. The textures and patterns in nature are translated into either linocut prints or tapestry weaving designs.

She also weaves mini tapestries from yarns donated to her by founding Craft ACT member Fay Skyring. These yarns were thrums of warp yarns from upholstery fabric Fay wove for Parliament House in Canberra. In these framed works, Lisa uses them as weft threads to explore the interaction of the different colours Fay used in three different upholstery fabrics.