Chunky Textured Ring with 5 Australian Cognac Diamonds

Chunky Textured Ring with 5 Australian Cognac Diamonds

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Chunky textured ring in Palladium silver with  5 Australian Cognac Diamonds.

Material: Palladium Silver, Australian Cognac Diamonds.

Dimensions: 4 mm band width, 3mm band depth, 20 mm internal diameter

About the Maker: Trained in the Goldsmith School in Bardon after having attended a 5 day retreat which was the journey that instigated a rediscovery of a love of jewellery making under the tutelage of Meghan O'Rourke.

Metal is re-useable, sustainable, and skill is required to handcraft pieces whether it be thorough recycling metal- and making sheet and wire, or carving wax to cast pieces which are then worked on by hand. 

These pieces are bold and born of experience- the latest pieces being reminiscent of the ocean with its infinite texture and movement.

Mixing alloys- are a favorite. Using sterling silver, gold, and Palladium Silver which has the hardness of 14ct gold and tarnish resistant. Pieces are flush set with gems such as natural and CVD diamonds, sparkling moissanite, garnet, topaz, peridot, with items being unique and reflecting a style which is outgoing but elegant and one of a kind. 

Photos: Craft + Design Canberra