Cinto guampa (belt)
Cinto guampa (belt)

Cinto guampa (belt)

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Materials: Cow horn, Nickel silver and leather

Dimensions:  1 Metre Long Belt, Buckle | H 8 x W 6 cm

Meet the Maker: Amapola

The Cow Horn Belt is a unique and striking accessory that combines natural materials with expert craftsmanship. This belt showcases the rustic beauty of cow horn, the enduring charm of nickel silver, and the practicality of leather to create a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

In response to our 2022 Australia + Uruguay Craft Exchange for the Design Canberra Festival, an exchange that showcased the high-quality, contemporary crafts of both Uruguay and Australia and stimulated conversations about sustainable making. We are honoured to have a series of these handmade pieces from the featured Uruguayan Artists in our store, co-ordinated and organised with the Embassy of Uruguay.

Images: Craft + Design Canberra