Ora Incense Holder | Aluminum
Ora Incense Holder | Aluminum
Ora Incense Holder | Aluminum

Ora Incense Holder | Aluminum

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Ora is a minimal incense holder manufactured in Australia. The design came out of the desire to modernize the classic incense holder and give it a contemporary aesthetic.

Ora's form takes inspiration from the Kuwait Water Towers by Architect Stig Egnell, which were built in Kuwait City and completed in 1976.

Materials: Solid brass and aluminium

Dimensions: H)6cm W) 5.5 cm 

About the Maker: René Linssen is a South African born, Australian Industrial Designer living and working in Canberra, Australia.

René loves the challenges of Industrial Design, finding a way to improve peoples lives with a product that satisfies a need and that can be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. He also feels strongly about the responsibilities implicit in a career that he believes has a big impact in shaping the world we live in.

Currently an Industrial Designer at Australian product design company Formswell Design, he is involved in a diverse range of design work in industries from sports, outdoors, homewares, government and more.

Photos: Courtesy of René Linssen