Shine Dome 2 (Black Ink on White Paper)
Shine Dome 2 (Black Ink on White Paper)

Shine Dome 2 (Black Ink on White Paper)

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Materials: Lino print card - black ink on white paper, hand coloured

Dimensions: 10 cm x 15 cm

About the Maker: Lisa is a full time scientific research technician in the area of plant biotechnology and is a part time artist. Not surprisingly it is nature, mainly plants, that inspire her art. The texture and patterns in nature are translated into either linocut print or tapestry weaving designs.

As a printmaker and weaver my designs are often driven by the materials. Also as a weaver I incorporate non-traditional “yarns” in my work. The hanging ribbons inside clothes have no purpose after they have left their shop displays, so again these are being collected by friends and family to be woven into brooches. They add colour and shine into the woven wool background of tapestry woven brooches.