Sollo grande mill by Nick Rennie

Sollo grande mill by Nick Rennie

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Sollo is a distinguished grande mill intended to create a striking seasoning centerpiece for any meal table. The rotating slender neck sits comfortably in your hand, with the sphere base nestled into the palm of your opposite hand allowing you to grind with ease.

Sollo is hand turned from a solid piece of 20-year old Jacaranda timber. Each mill is delicately and skillfully hand turned.

The mill incorporates the Danish Crushgrind mechanism, the leader in grinding technology, allowing you to enjoy salt, pepper and herbs using the variable grind technology.


Materials: Australian jacaranda and internal crushgrind mechanism

Dimensions: H 90 mm x W 50 mm

About the Maker: "Nick Rennie is a leading figure in the current Australian design landscape. He looks to explore design that takes its inspiration from interaction with everyday items. To breathe new life into the repetition of domesticity, and to do it in a way that engages the user anew." - Made by Pen

Photos by Made by Pen