Elizabeth Misek

For me, this challenge was quite symbolic. It was a turning point for me, following a path to become a children’s picture book illustrator and to let go of worrying if my work looked perfect “as such” and just to enjoy the process start to finish.

I had so much fun creating and having free flowing ideas and I can honestly say, I illustrate freely because of it.

Day Six, Sustainability, was a favourite. I used mixed media over two pages. I was at home, so I had access to lots of materials.

Left Page:
Top side -If we used sustainable materials, recyclables, solar. Our world would look happier, healthier, and green.

The Bottom side- If we don’t look after our planet. Use materials that take 100’s of years, if not longer to break down and fossil fuels. Slowly we’d choke our planet and all living things.

The “Earth” - are both in bags. One is sustainable (hessian) the other is suffocating (plastic).

Right Page:
The stopwatch represents - “time is ticking” we need to make choices sooner than later!!

Materials used.

- Woolworths bag- plastic bottom insert.
- Hessian bag
- Plastic sandwich bag
- Magazines