Helen Keogh

I found this journaling process to be at times invigorating, frustrating, overwhelming but always interesting. When I had time and energy the pages looked finished. When I didn’t have time or was behind, the pages lacked the care I wanted to give them. However, even the sadder pages still resonate for me in some way as they were still a valid response. I liked using different mediums - whatever was on hand each day and not overthinking the word or the process. I didn’t set out to create a beautifully curated journal of images. Instead my aim was to just respond to the word in whatever way it came out. My journal is a bit scrappy and inconsistent in style and that is OK by me. It was fun and challenging and doing a page everyday got me out of my head and let me encompass the task into my everyday life. I think it a valuable tool and process to kick start a body of work or get out of a stuck patch and even cure procrastination.

Helen is a designer and maker of one-off, handmade fashion textile goods. Her range includes unique hand-woven clutches and bags and fashion scarves for men and women in luxury fibres as well as beautifully hand painted individual silk scarves. All her items are hand finished individual pieces that use the most beautiful fibres and patterns to create truly unique heirloom pieces.