Kellie MacFarlane

I took part in this daily sketchbook challenge with a goal of completing the WHOLE journal. Like many people I love stationary, notebooks and journals - also like many people, I save them 'for good' and have many empty or incomplete journals waiting for something good enough to be put in them.
Competing with commissioned work and of course life in general, there was not a lot of spare time to commit to this project so being EFFICIENT became a necessity to keep up with this challenge.
Did I manage to create something every day, on the day of the prescribed cue word? No.
Do I like some artworks much more than others? Of course.
Did I learn a lot and impact my regular art practice as a result of this challenge? Absolutely.
I incorporated the theme of transformation within individual responses - some more than others. The greatest transformation for me however, emerged because of my need to be efficient. Through the drive to be efficient, a new style emerged from this project - bold lines and simple colour. Different to my classic, more delicate style. It certainly has a place.
Practicing being efficient without the pressure of being 'good' also helped increase the free flowing nature with my ""normal"" work.
Each image has a meaning for me - so when I flick through the journal I see stories, not just pictures.