Krystelle Watts - Highly Commended

Transformation, for me, has not only been about exploring a theme, but also an exercise in self-discovery. My journal is a reflection of who I am. An exploration into how I see and think about the world. While COVID has disrupted our normal way of life, it has given me the time, space and solitude to reflect on my creative process and how I express myself. Some days a response to the prompts came easily - a clear idea, easily executed. Other days were harder and required an idea to percolate - to be patient. I think some of the hardest pages to develop, turned into some of my favorites.

I'm a bit of an artistic chameleon. I draw inspiration from the world around me and can often be found stopping in the street to pick up a curled leaf, adventuring to the beach to marvel at the grains of sand, or nose buried deep in books. I like to drw connections across multi-disciplinary themes and concepts, making new connections and using different mediums to express those connections. My favourite mediums are photography, painting and drawing, but I've tried my hand at everything from scrapbooking to beadwork to printmaking. Being creative is a part of who I am.