Sarah Earle

We were presented with another disjointed year in 2021 and again, surrounded by uncertainty we looked for escapism or nostalgia. For those fortunate enough to be absorbed in creative solitude we've continued our journey through alternative online workshops and challenges. Participation in the NURTURE: Creative Journaling Month Challenge has been the most rewarding and engaging.

I, like many artists, have adapted my art practice to suit the current workspace due to the ‘cozier’ surroundings of a full house and concentrated on much smaller works rather than painting on a larger surface. Although I have missed brush in hand, the intimacy of cutting out figures from vintage knitting magazines whilst in my head creating their narrative is sheer joy. I would sometimes include this with my daily post on Instagram and furthered my interest in creative writing.

Journaling has been a welcome addition to my daily routine, one of which I hope to continue over the summer through drawing. There was a great sense of achievement in completing an image for each prompt followed by the anticipation for the following day’s word certainly made for a productive month. Although some words were quite challenging, there were days where I was overflowing with ideas and interpretations, resulting in new ideas for further works. Through only using a collage in my journal, it was an opportunity to complete a mini body of work, predominantly combining black and white images with colour for transformation. Sometimes reflecting on current affairs or a particular conversation that day would find a way in there too, not always consciously or obviously but looking at the completed journal, I see a connection.

It’s been an enjoyable challenge with the bonus of the interaction and engagement with other artists, seeing and sharing each other’s interpretations and varied skills as we transform each of our blank pages. A nurturing reward for our creative souls in a challenging year with an uplifting opportunity, the 2021 NURTURE: Creative Journaling Month Challenge.