Meet the maker: Margaret Brown

Working from her quiet studio in the Bega Valley in New South Wales, local ceramicist Margaret Brown crafts and designs a prolific array of domestic delights.

Brown is drawn to the medium of porcelain for its purity and translucency. These unique qualities allow her works breathe a sense of easiness into daily living through each mug, beaker, and bowl. Through her domestic vessels, she combines function with aesthetic.

No two pieces of Brown’s making are the same, each carries a unique character bestowed upon it through careful handcrafting by the artist. Brown porcelain forms are created through the Japanese technique of nerikomi, a thoughtful and time-consuming practice. The skillful patterns in her works have been created by hand-combining slices of porcelain of varying colours together. This process allows her to form purposefully coloured designs.

Brown completed a Diploma in Visual Arts (Ceramics) at the Australian National University School of Art and received a Technical award upon completion of the course.

View work by this incredible maker in the Thanks mum collection.  

Image: Margaret Brown, Coloured bowl dimensions: 10 x 6 cm. Material: Porcelain. Price: $27.50. Photo: Craft ACT