Meet the maker: Annie Trevillian

Annie Trevillian is an artist whose textile works celebrate Canberra with enthusiasm, vigour and personality. Born and raised in the capital, Trevillian deeply engages with the brilliant visual motifs that run through her city. She uses her printmaking to capture Canberra from the landscape around Mount Mugga Mugga to the birds that swarm the suburbs.

Trevillian’s works are brought together through a plethora of mixed mediums. Her experience in design and digital technologies allow her to layer drawing, painting, and collage. Colour is the key for Trevillian, with the brilliant hues in her work being crafted through a playful mixture of watercolour, gouache, acrylic, coloured pencils, and crayons. Her lively imagery is cultivated through understanding how each of these mediums work and observing the way in which they render colour and texture.

The output for Trevillian’s designs are varied and limitless: screen printed and digitally printed on a variety of textiles, metal, wallpaper or glass. Her longstanding experience in textiles design has given her an acute sense of intuition when it comes to pattern work and achieving design symmetry. Her prints are phantasmagorical collages which creatively narrate the story of Canberra city.

Trevillian has taught in the ANU Textiles Workshop from 1992 – 2011 and has long been associated with Megalo Print Studio and Gallery as an access user, community project artist and board member. She is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, ArtsACT, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Legislative Assembly of the ACT, National Library of Australia and State Libraries, Megalo Archive, RACV Print Collection and private collections in Australia and overseas.


View work by this incredible maker in the Thanks mum collection.  

Image: Annie Trevillian, CushionScreen printed on fabric, $40. Photo: Lean Timms