Meet the Maker: Calum Hurley


Calum Hurley is an Adelaide based furniture and object designer. Holding a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (2016) from the University of South Australia, he is currently working out of JamFactory’s Furniture Studio as part of the esteemed Associate Training Program.

In 2017 while travelling in Japan, Calum was captivated by the Japanese architecture and urban landscapes he encountered. During this trip, he captured thousands of images that although to some may seem mundane and insignificant. To Calum, these images later provided the inspiration for his exhibition Differing Perspectives where he has presented a series of six carefully thought and beautifully crafted furniture and objects presented alongside fellow JamFactory associate Jordan Leeflang's work. These new works are based off six images taken in Japan.

"The striking architectural details throughout the country, presented in just six images (though there are thousands I my camera roll) were chosen as starting points for myself and Jordan Leeflang to design furniture and objects drawing inspiration directly from a shared source image. In doing this, we have created six pairs, twelve brand new pieces of work. This show was put together during a notably disruptive period and I’m incredibly proud that all work was produced locally in Adelaide, South Australia on Kaurna Land."

Differing Perspectives is on display at Craft ACT and online till 22 August 2020.

Image: Calum Hurley, #3 Chair001, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.