Meet the maker: Danielle Barrie

Danielle Barrie is a jeweller and object designer-maker who strives to handcraft pieces of art that will be passed down for generations. Each of her pieces is an exploration of how precious metals flow through time and history.

Barrie’s fascination with jewellery started from watching her mother adorn herself with beautiful pieces of craftsmanship every morning before leaving the house. Barrie was moved by the stories that were captured each time a piece was worn out, and by the memories that they hold.

Barrie’s practice moves forward with each collection she makes. As she becomes inspire by new subjects, each body of works start defining their own set of design rules. No collection repeats itself: through jewellery making, Barrie has engaged with visual motifs that range from architectural silhouettes to the comforting feeling you get from a textiles scarf. Despite this, the pieces in her collections all share a common language. Each neckpiece, earring or bracelet is an exploration of bold form and structure that has been realised through meticulous craftsmanship.

Barrie is currently based in her shared studio at JamFactory in Adelaide. She has graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Visual Arts specialising in Jewellery and Metal. In 2017, she completed the internationally acclaimed Jam Factory associate program. 


View work by this incredible maker in the Thanks mum collection.  

Image: Danielle Barrie, Half pipe earringsrecycled sterling silver and freshwater pearl, $242. Photo: courtesy of the artist.