Annette Blair


Accredited Professional Member

Annette Blair, Held within,  2018, blown and cold-worked glass, glass enamels, 355 x 240 x 240mm, photo by Adam McGrath

Working out of the Canberra Glassworks and her studio in Burra NSW, Annette has dedicated her practice to refining technical processes in order to make beautifully crafted homewares and create one-off artworks for exhibition. She works regularly as a gaffer, making glass works for other high profile artists as well as traveling to teach glassblowing and glass painting nationally and internationally.

Completing her honours degree in 2004 at the ANU, Canberra School of Art, Annette then relocated to Adelaide where she completed the associate training program at JamFactory. Returning to Canberra in 2008 she works with a talented team of glassblowers to continue to grow her diverse practice and is highly regarded within the vibrant local glass community.

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Cover image: A Place for Everything,  2017. Blown, hot-sculpted and cold-worked glass, timber shelf, steel (paint tin handle),  360 x 1100 x 245mm. Image: Adam McGrath