Cam Michael

Mixed Media Artist

Associate Member

Cam Michael is an emerging mixed media artist interested in social inclusion, working with themes of redefining value and potential, and relationships between personal identity and perception in the spaces we inhabit.

His work is broadly informed through life experiences of disability, being a carer and support worker for others, living in Australia but growing up elsewhere, and identifying as LGBTI. Things that are not always visible or seen as valuable by others in society. As a result, Cam has been interested in the value of the perspective of the ‘other’ and the benefits of social inclusion and new perspectives.

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Cover image: New Precious, 2019. Cast glass, 16cm x 6cm x 6cm (crushed variable), photography Andrew Sikorski
Above image: Caravans and Tiny houses, 2020. Cast glass, variable, photography Andrew Sikorski