Debra Jurss


Associate Member

Debra Jurss is an artist who lives and works in Canberra. Glass is the primary material used in her practice, and she is focused on creating new ways to move the material in expressing emotion. Debra addresses the impact that natural environments have on our moods and emotions and her work is often an expression of the emotion she experienced in a specific location. Debra first worked with glass in a Canberra Glassworks course in 2007. She then studied glass in the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop, graduating in 2013. She currently rents a studio space at the Glassworks. She divides her time between her individual art practice, and working with the amazing community of glass artists who make use of the Canberra Glassworks.

Section #4
Glass, hot formed, kilnformed, coldworked and hand polished.
57 W x 30 H x 5 D cm
Photography Sam Cooper