Jenny Manning

Associate Member

"I have, since my studies in the 1980s, been obsessed with wrapping, knotting, tangling and constructing with rope, wool and other fibres. I created and made drawings of three dimensional wrapped and knotted structures during my sculpture degree and these forms have been referred to in my practice ever since. 

I have explored the parallels between human and animal veins, arteries and organs with those found in the plant and insect kingdoms. These networks for transmitting life fluids seem to be repeated in the microscopic world as well as in the structure of river deltas and erosion gullies. Electron microscopic images of fungi have stimulated a series of large black and white pen and ink drawings where the intricacy and beauty of the filamentous growth patterns belies their toxic effects on humans and animals.

My interest in creating three dimensional illusion on a flat surface resulted in an extended exploration of decorated basket and boat images which then led to the creation of brightly coloured, intricately patterned baskets using a wrapping and coiling process. More recently my abiding interest in colour and pattern in three dimensions has led to the creation of a number of patchwork knitted mohair quilts which echo the same colours and patterns found in my colourful coil baskets.  My long involvement with Networks Australia has also resulted in contributions to many exhibitions, most recently in both Wagga Wagga and Moruya.

My paintings, drawings and textile works are held in many private collections."

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Instagram: @Jennymanningart

Images: courtesy of the artist.