Liz Perry


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Liz is a Canberra weaver and textile artist. She gained a Bachelor of Arts in textiles in 1986 from the Canberra School of Art followed by graduate studies in both museums and business. Liz's primary interest is exploring textile structures, either by hand weaving or other means. Her woven designs are finalised using weaving software that also controls 16 and 24 shaft floor looms. Color is an important element of Liz's work and she uses both synthetic and botanical dyes as well as utilising commercially dyed yarns both new and re-used.



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Cover Image: Encircled, 2023, mixed yarns, 28 x 15cm, photo Josie Cosgrove
Top Image: Continuum, 2022, cotton/linen yarn, 500 x 25cm, photo Josie Cosgrove