Luke Batten

Associate Member

Luke Batten is an Australian Craftsman based in Ngunnawal country.
Luke trained at prominent woodwork schools in both Australia and the United States. He has worked as a Craftsman, a Product Designer, and a Graphic Designer. He has taught Design, and Design sketching and Illustration at university level.
Luke’s work has received international recognition through awards, exhibitions and competitions including Australian Wood Review Magazine, The Design Institute of Australia, Green Magazine, Design Quarterly magazine, You Are Here Festival, Launch Pad, Melbourne Fringe Furniture Exhibition, Workshopped furniture exhibition, Australian International Furniture Fair and Vivid furniture exhibition.

Driven by a passion for handcraft, authentic design and sustainability.

Designed with passion:
Luke believes in the power of authentic design. Design that exemplifies the essential, expressing integrity, quality and meaning. Underpinned by material and user experience, his creative process unifies thinking and making. This is where authentic design is born.

Crafted by hand:
With a sense of pride, each piece is handcrafted for the love of the process and for the mastery of woodcraft. Craft is unmatched in its inherent value. Beyond the bespoke product, genuine value resides with me, the craftsman and the years devoted to perfecting my craft.

Created from wood:
Wood is both naturally beautiful and naturally renewable. Handcrafted wood products epitomize ethical and ecological principles and are a valuable long-term investment. Each piece of locally handmade furniture created is positive for the local community, society, and the environment.


Image 1. Deux case piece. Rock Maple & Walnut
Image 2. Axis Stool. Rock Maple