Maricelle Kositcin (Oliver)

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Maricelle Olivier is an emerging South African artist exploring her personal history and creating her own space of belonging through the medium of ceramics. Unpacking her cultural identity and heritage, the vessels transform into embodiments to hold and reflect emotions. Although Maricelle immigrated to Australia fifteen years ago, a strong connection to her culture, language and country remains through her contemporary ceramic works.

Maricelle currently lives in Canberra, ACT, practicing from her beautiful, sun-lit studio at the Canberra Watson Arts Centre. Maricelle completed a BFA in 2015 and a MFA in 2018 in Ceramics at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, NSW. From 2019 – 2021, Maricelle worked as the Ceramics Studio Manager at Ernabella Arts Centre in remote South Australia. Maricelle is represented by Sabbia Gallery, Sydney and Beaver Galleries, Canberra.

Maricelle has participated in many exhibitions around Australia, most recently in the Australasian Art Fair Sydney Contemporary and the major exhibition Clay Dynasty at the Powerhouse Museum in 2022. She has been selected as a finalist in the North Queensland Ceramic Awards (2022) and the Lake Art Prize (2020), and a selection of works has been acquired into the National Art School Collection and City of Sydney Collection.


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Instagram: @molivier_ceramics



Cover Image: "Chamai (Flap-necked Chameleon)", 2023, hand built buff raku trachyte with slip and underglaze, 290 h x 380mm d, Photograph courtesy of: Sabbia Gallery
First Top Image: "Kwagga-Kwagga", 2023, hand-built BRT with slip and underglaze, 290 h x 300mm d, Photograph courtesy of: Sabbia Gallery
Second Top Image: "Sandy & Regal Beauty" (pair), 2023, hand built buff raku sandy with slip, underglaze and glaze, 255 h x 265mm d & 355 h x 340mm d, Photograph courtesy of: Sabbia Gallery