Michele Grimston

Associate Member

Michele Grimston works predominantly with textile-based practices, including embroidery, tapestry and sewing, but often incorporate other media. Her works are by their nature small, painstaking and slow. She is interested in exploring the value of labor in her work, and ways that investing our time, attention and care in things can create objects of great meaning and value. Recent works have taken this interest in the value of labor a step further, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the making process in order to experience the time taken to create a work for themselves.

Michelle has held solo shows in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth and undertaken multiple artist residencies – creating individual works at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada and working with schools and community groups across Australia to facilitate community created work.

Online Resources:

Exhibitions: Epidemic, Emerging Artists Exhibition

Website: www.michelegrimston.com

Instagram: @michelegrimstonart

Above image: Michele Grimston, Time is longer than it feels, 2020. Woven tapestry, installation dimensions 45x35x20cm. Photo courtesy the artist
Cover image: Michele Grimston, Virtual Hugs (detail), 2020. Embroidery on felt, 10x10cm. Photo courtesy the artist