Accredited Professional Membership

Accredited Professional Membership

$180 per year, with insurance at an additional cost

For new and renewing memberships with insurance please contact or ring 0262629333 to purchase insurance.

Accredited Professional Membership is the highest tier of membership at Craft + Design Canberra. It is attained by applying to be accredited by a panel of peers and demonstrating a practice of artistic excellence.

Before applying for the membership level read the information on the application, insurance, and benefits below:

Accredited Professional Membership Insurance Packages -


For members who do not use kilns or open flames 

$180.00 membership

+ $155.00

 = $335


For members who use kilns but do not use open flame or for art installers working at maximum height of 2 meters.*  

$180 membership

+ $220



For jewellers and glass workers and any member who works with open flame 

$180.00 membership




 *For installers working a height greater than 2 less than 5 meters a base premium of $650.00 +GST for Public and product liability. The insurer are longer covering working from heights above 5 meters.  

*This insurance operates on a group basis, where monthly processing occurs in batches, and documents are dispatched to members in the subsequent month. Kindly factor in the processing time involved. It's important to note that coverage does not commence immediately upon payment; there may be a delay

Accredited Professional Membership of Craft + Design Canberra is by application only.


  • Insurance Options: Gain access to essential Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance packages, ensuring your artistic pursuits are protected.
  • Gallery Fee Waiver: Enjoy the privilege of having up to $8000 in gallery fees and in-kind support waived for exhibitions, making it easier and more affordable to display your work.
  • Personalised Directory Page: Elevate your artistic identity with a personalised page in the Craft + Design Canberra Members Directory on our website, allowing you to express who you are as an artist and your creative interests.
  • Shop Discounts: Receive a 10% discount when shopping at the Craft + Design Canberra Shop, with additional discounts during our exclusive Happy Hour flash sales.
  • Professional Development: Take advantage of exclusive opportunities for professional growth by applying for programs such as the Artist-in-Residency, CO: LAB, Ready Set Market and the Creative Journal Challenge, fostering connections within our vibrant artistic community.
  • Members Exhibition: Highlight your work by applying for the Annual Members Exhibition, providing a platform to connect with fellow members and display your creative endeavours.
  • Shop Sales: Apply to sell your craft objects and goods through the Craft + Design Canberra Shop, offering exposure and sales opportunities.
  • CAPO Grants: Eligibility for prestigious Craft + Design Canberra member CAPO grants, including the Craft + Design Canberra Outstanding Practice award ($2000) and the Craft + Design Emerging Artist Award ($500).
  • Grant Support: Receive valuable letters of support for grant applications, a critical asset in securing external funding for your projects.
  • Voting Rights: Participate in the decision-making process by exercising your voting rights at the Craft + Design Canberra Annual General Meeting, shaping the organisation's future.
  • Exhibition Openings: Stay connected and informed about the latest exhibitions held in our space through invitations to Craft + Design Canberra exhibition openings.
  • Community Access: Join the Craft + Design Canberra Facebook group for engaging discussions and collaboration opportunities with fellow members.
  • Committee Opportunities: Get involved by participating in the Craft + Design Canberra Membership and Artistic committees to peer review applications for our Artistic and member programs.
  • Signature Exhibitions: Be considered for participation in select Craft + Design Canberra signature exhibitions, opening doors to a broader audience and potential recognition.
  • Newsletters: Stay well-informed about the latest updates, events, and happenings in the artistic community through regular Craft + Design Canberra newsletters, ensuring you never miss out on exciting opportunities.

Apply now.

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Top Image: Melanie Olde, Cellular Symmetry in blue,  2019. Nylon monofilament, 20 x 19 x3 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.