2020 Exhibition Call Out

Call for submissions

2020 Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre exhibition program


Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is calling for new exhibition proposals from artists, craftspeople, designers, makers and curators for the 2020 program.We are looking for ambitious and engaging exhibitions which engage with contemporary craft and design practice and concepts at all levels of experience and across all mediums.

About Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre

Craft ACT is recognised as a leading centre in Australian craft and design, with a vision to strengthen the dynamic link between the arts – as encompassed in the craft sector – and the broad creative industries and design sector.

About the exhibition program

Artistic excellence underpins Craft ACT’s rationale for existence. The annual artistic program showcases and supports recent graduates and early career artists through to high-calibre, iconic practitioners as well as craft and design researchers. The program is diverse and innovative, supporting experimental and traditional exhibitions, as well as hosting regional, national and international projects.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists are encouraged to apply. Recognising the core dynamic role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in Australian arts and culture, Craft ACT supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists through major events and the annual artistic program. Craft ACT has a policy of specifically seeking participation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists for events and artistic programs.



Who can apply?

Any artist, designer, maker, curator or craftsperson who locates their practice within craft and/or design is welcome to apply.
• All craft and design practitioners from a wide range of mediums including (but not limited to) textiles, fashion, furniture, wood, glass, design, design thinking, commercial products, jewellery, metals, ceramics, graphic design, paper etc
• You can be an early, mid-career or established artist
• Guilds, associations and artist-run initiatives
• Groups or solo endeavours
Sorry, we do not take submissions from current undergraduate university students.
Tip: for group exhibitions, guilds, and membership organisations etc, it is advisable to have a well thought out curatorial rationale with a strong and coherent connection between the artworks.

What kind of exhibitions are you looking for?

• Ambitious and engaging proposals that embody contemporary craft and design practice and concepts at all levels of experience and across all mediums
• Collaborations between different disciplines, mediums, industries and interstate artists are encouraged
• Joint proposals of two or more solo exhibitions
• Outstanding solo exhibitions
• Exhibitions that are underpinned by a strong curatorial narrative and foundation


Can I submit more than one application?

• Yes, there is no limit for the number of submissions


What kind of support do you offer?

• Exhibition installation, demount and staffing for the duration of the exhibition
• Insurance and public liability at Craft ACT
• An opening function (including cheese platters, drinks, an opening speaker and support staffing and volunteers)
• Publicity and media engagement via media release and direct contacts
• Commissioning an essay to foster deeper critical engagement with contemporary craft practice
• Coordination of sale of works and liaison with buyers
• Design and production of an exhibition room sheet
• Design and production of an e-catalogue which is shared on social media and the Craft ACT website.
• Marketing and promotion of the exhibition including: design and distribution of e-invitations, an active social media campaign, website listing and electronic direct marketing to media, industry and government organisations
• We do not offer any financial support and do not produce printed catalogues. We are happy to write a letter of recommendation to support your funding application if required.


What is the exhibitor responsible for?

• Transportation and transit insurance to and from the Gallery
• Installation assistance
• All costs relating to specific mounting requirements of the exhibition
• Supplying the work with suitable display accessories including stands, hanging materials or other aids necessary, by the installation date
• Delivery (12 weeks prior to opening) of promotional information including a current curriculum vitae, artist statement, high resolution images
• Exhibition works information (including captions and pricing) 2 weeks prior to the exhibition commencing
• Participation in associated public programs such as a floortalk
• Assisting in the promotion of the exhibition via social media and among your networks – see more about how to make the exhibition a success, below.

Does your gallery charge?

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is a not-for-profit membership based organisation which supports artists, craft practitioners, designers and makers at every stage of their careers. We promote and celebrate excellence and innovation in contemporary craft in everything we do – in our retail space, exhibitions, events and membership program.
A fee of $1050 per exhibition will be introduced for the 2020 artistic program. This fee is waived in full for Craft ACT members. Membership starts at $66 and is available online from the Craft ACT website. Be a part of the creative, professional community at Craft ACT and connect into the vibrant contemporary craft and design scene locally and nationally.
For group exhibitions, the full exhibition fee will be applied if any participating artists are not members.To submit your exhibition proposal, you are not required to be a Craft ACT member. If you don't want to pay the exhibition fee, please note that if your proposal is accepted, all participating artists (in solo or group shows) must be or become current members of Craft ACT upon signing the exhibition contract to secure your place in the 2020 artistic program. Exhibition contracts must be signed and returned to Craft ACT within 30 days of receiving the documents via email.
To receive the contract all exhibiting artists must be financial members.


Sale of Works?

All of the work, if not the majority, should be available for sale during the exhibition. Craft ACT applies a 35% commission on the selling price of all works sold during the exhibition. Please inform us in your exhibition proposal if you have an existing arrangement with another gallery that we should be aware of.

How are applications assessed?

Craft ACT works in partnership with a peer review panel of leading craft practitioners and designers to review proposals for artistic rigour, diversity, a reflection of current trends in Australian craft and design practice, innovation and experimentation.

What can I do to make the exhibition a success?

Working in partnership is the key to a successful exhibition.
Craft ACT will promote the exhibitions through our marketing and social media channels and networks. Exhibiting artists should also promote their projects via social media, direct marketing and their own contacts to reach the widest audience, to generate and/or follow up sales opportunities, and to ensure success of your project.

When is the submission date?

Your proposal needs to be with us by 11.59 pm (AEST) Sunday 31 March 2019.

Need further information?

Contact Rachael Coghlan, CEO/Artistic Director, Craft ACT:
ceo@craftact.org.au or 02 6262 9333
Madisyn Zabel, Gallery manager, Craft ACT:
gallery@craftact.org.au or 62629333

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Download Floor Map here

Image:Elizabeth Kelly, Macrocosmia Exhibition 2018. Photo: 5 Foot Photography.