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Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is pleased to announce its new annual fundraising appeal to supprt digital transformation for artists.

The importance of accessing digital audiences has never been greater. Over the past year, with widespread cancellations of traditional income streams for artists such as markets and exhibitions due to COVID, it's been clear that the diverse audiences and new sales opportunities available online are an essential part of any artist's toolkit.

But not all artists have the skills or resources to grow their digital profile - missing out on accessing new audiences, opportunities and revenue. Professional development is urgently needed.

In response to the devastating impact of COVID on the arts sector, Craft ACT is raising funds to support a digital ‘makeover’ for contemporary craft practitioners.

‘This new MAKE:OVER professional development program will upskill artists, giving them the tools to amplify their digital presence and successfully communicate the value of their practice and products, in turn contributing to a sustainable and healthy creative economy that can weather future disruptions,’ explained Craft ACT CEO and Artistic Director, Dr Rachael Coghlan.

Every $2,500 raised will enable an additional artist to access tailored professional development, a series of intensive small group masterclasses and the commissioning of new digital assets.

Craft ACT has partnered with local content and communications agency, Coordinate, who will  support the program by lending their expertise to the strategy and digital sessions, as well as the production of five videos.

‘Craft ACT’s MAKE:OVER program is an exciting and timely opportunity to provide artists with critical skills required in an increasingly digital landscape,’ said Jamie Wilson, Founder & Director of Coordinate.

To learn the most from this pilot Craft ACT have selected five artists from five mediums and five stages of practice, so that they can identify benefits that can ultimately be shared with all Craft ACT members. The artists participating in the pilot are Bling Yu (emerging ceramic artist), Sarah Murphy (contemporary jeweller), Jenni Kemarre Martiniello (Internationally acclaimed glass artist), Annie Trevillian (textile designer) and Rolf Barfoed (furniture maker).

The Craft ACT story:

For 50 years, Craft ACT has played a vital role in sustaining Australia’s high-quality studio practice and supporting contemporary craftspeople (jewellers, furniture-makers, ceramic and textiles artists, glass makers and designers).

Our vision is to embed contemporary craft, making and design at the centre of everyday life.

Please donate today to help Craft ACT reach our $12,500 fundraising target and write our story of the next 50 years:


Image caption: DESIGN Canberra auction party, 2018. Photo: 5 Foot Photography