Differing Perspectives

Differing Perspectives artist biographies and statements

Calum Hurley


Calum Hurley is an Adelaide based furniture and object designer. Holding a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (2016) from University of South Australia, he is currently working out of JamFactory’s Furniture Studio as part of the esteemed Associate Training Program.

During his studies, Calum set his focus on human experience; looking at the instinctive uniformity in interactions employeed with surroundings, and noting how these can still differ from person to person. This interest lead to a pursuit of furniture and object design that saw further study of furniture making at TafeSA and the joining of Floating Goose Studios Adelaide. With interest and appreciation growing within the artistic realm, Calum sought to pursue these fields in creating functional products for the home, whilst also establishing
an artistic practice focusing on experiential installations.

Since joining JamFactory, Calum has been exploring a multitude of materials and processes, looking to develop and round out his practice. Having previously worked heavily with timber and acrylic, current pursuits combine materials such as Jesmonite, metals and glass. Developing work for exhibition is a focus, presenting at a number of high calibre emerging design competitions across Australia (FRONT | CENTRE, Denfair. VIVID, Décor + Design. WORKSHOPPED19, Australian Design Centre). Pieces from these exhibitions
are currently being developed into retail-ready pieces with ‘In Focus Handheld Mirror’ derived from 2019’s FRONT | CENTRE showing currently in production.

Presenting work in ‘Surface2020’ (and as lead curator) as part of Adelaide Fringe set a tone for 2020. Exhibiting work as part of Melbourne Design Week in March, an upcoming midyear collaboration with Jordan Leeflang presented at Craft ACT and the Generate showcasing at JamFactory towards the years end look to further expand Hurley’s practice and exhibition catalogue.

Artist Statement 

Having grown up between Australia, Scotland, Ireland, then Australia again, I have a keen awareness that objects and furniture must intrinsically include opportunity for disassembly, to be multi-functional or space sensitive, or be small or robust enough that you can take them with you. Currently working out of JamFactory’s Furniture Studio, I produce objects for the home as well as a range of exhibition works. With an engrained interest in reflection, light play, and the illusion of space, much of my work involves reflective elements in
one form or another.

My workspace is currently stacked with all things Jesmonite. I am looking to refine my casting and moulding techniques whilst gaining a broader understanding of this adaptive materials potential applications.


Jordan Leeflang


Jordan Leeflang is an Adelaide based designer whose multidisciplinary practice includes furniture, object and sculpture.

While studying a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia, Jordan took a furniture design studio and found his niche. Over the following four years he studied interior architecture and furniture design simultaneously; exploring interests in architectural history, design movements, materials, processes, and trends through his furniture and interior studio work.

Following graduation in 2016, he went on to study Furniture Making at TafeSA, and experimenting in his shed until being accepted into the Associate Program at JamFactory’s Furniture Studio in 2019.

Jordan’s time at JamFactory has allowed significant growth in his practice, giving him the space and resources to experiment with processes and forms and collaborate with other artists and makers.

In the studio Jordan works primarily with timber, designing steel, glass and ceramic pieces for outside fabrication. Continuously trying to expand his knowledge, Jordan takes risks with his designs that force him to consider alternative and often fiddly processes. He has a special interest in designing processes that involve using templates and jigs to replicate cuts, resulting in objects formed of repetitive elements. Jordan’s interest in interiors and spaces continues to inform his work, with architectural influences featuring heavily in both materials and forms.

Jordan has been involved in a number of design competitions, winning the 2019 Workshopped Award for Design for his Sunday Stool, and gaining an honourable mention in the VIVID object category in the same year for his Soft Spot Bowls. His work has been exhibited in Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Design Week in 2020.

Artist Statement 

I make furniture and objects featuring repetitive elements. I’m drawn to this repetition, perhaps from my studies in interior architecture, it’s both the visual result and the process required to achieve it that hook me. The repetitive elements are often the details, rather than the whole form. En masse, a sharp angle softens, and the visual tension that this creates is fascinating to me. I want people to look closer, I want to invite curiosity, I believe objects should have that power to draw people in.

In my predominant medium of timber, I use jigs and templates to create repeatable elements. These smaller objects form patterns through angles, folds and joins.


Image 1: Calum Hurley, Bench seating, 2020. Steel inner frame, bleached timber outer cladding, Jesomite cast side table. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Image 2: Jordan Leeflang, Side Table, 2020. Chromed steel, ceramic. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.