Home Grown Artist Biography


Jeremy Brown is a Canberra based designer-maker and artist. Graduating from the ANU School of Art + Design in 2017, Jeremy has received and been nominated for numerous local and national awards relating to his design practice. His work ranges from speculative pieces of critical design to small batch production items. His studio-based practice-led research follows the idea that furniture and objects can be made not only to fulfil practical tasks, but also to communicate and establish emotional connections with users.

Previous works have investigated ways in which these artefacts can be used to promote emotional wellbeing and comfort by offering distraction and refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Carefully considered materials create captivating juxtapositions between surface textures, playing with notions of hard/soft, permanent/impermanent which add to the playful, tactile nature of these pieces.

In his most recent works, Jeremy has combined furniture-making with another main thread of practice, botanical illustration. Influenced by both natural and built environments, these works create a contrast between the two elements, bridging the disconnect between the origins of raw materials and a final product and promoting the use of local resources. This work too, aims to evoke emotional responses within viewers through a sense of nostalgia and geographical familiarity.