New in 2019: On the Shelf: Reading Craft Book Club

Harriet Schwartzrock_A shifting sensation_2018_photoSamCooper


Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member Sharon Peoples is proposing the creation of a member's reading group around craft texts, to be held monthly at Craft ACT. She says: 


For some craftspeople reading is often left behind on the shelf, only used when putting together a proposal or a statement that needs to sound a little more upbeat or theoretical. Writer Glenn Adamson seems to be the ‘go to’ source but there are many more other writers and interesting readings. Some are media specific while others deal with the concepts of craft more generally. I must admit it was Glenn Adamson’s latest offering ‘Craft and the Allegorical Impulse’ (posted on Critical Craft Forum’s Facebook page) that was part of the catalyst to form a book club for makers. Having returned to making after a diversion into academia, museums studies and visual anthropology, I am interested in getting a handle what is being written on craft and making. I’m interested in forming a book club (for want of a better word) exploring a range of readings, even films, in a social setting. I propose to have a rotating discussion leader – someone doing a little homework about the author and book/article, provide book reviews, author background, links to videos or interviews etc. And also, a rotating host – reminding readers, organising simple refreshments etc. As a starting point we will meet at Craft ACT on a Saturday. There is the possibility to meet on the evening of the Board meeting as well.


If you are interested in participating, here are the details: 

When: 1pm; every second Saturday of the month, beginning 9 February 2019
Where: Craft ACT, London Circuit
For: Craft ACT members
What: Readings, authors and books on craft
Who: contact Sharon Peoples to indicate your interest or to ask questions.

image credit: Harriet Schwarzrock, A Shifting Sensation. Liminal, 2017. Blown, tinted and mirrored glass, metal base. Photo: Sam Cooper.