Painting on Silk with Kirandeep Grewal

Saturday 2 December | 1pm - 4pm | Craft + Design Canberra


Silk painting is an enchanting and versatile art form allowing artists to create breathtaking and dynamic designs on silk fabric. With a combination of techniques, colours, and compositions, silk painting offers limitless possibilities for artistic expression.

In this three-hour standalone workshop, Kirandeep will help you to unleash your creativity on silk. You will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with colours, manipulate silk to create textures and depth, and learn the fundamentals of using resist on silk.

After familiarising yourself with the silk dye colours on paper, you will receive three small pieces of silk and a long scarf to work with. Towards the end of the workshop, Kirandeep will guide participants through the process of setting and fixing the colours on silk, ensuring that your masterpiece remains vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

No prior experience is necessary; participants need only bring their enthusiasm and love for vibrant colours. By the end of the session, you will take home a stunning silk scarf.



Kirandeep Grewal is a community artist and art educator based in Canberra. She practices various traditional techniques such as Shibori, Indian tie-and-dye, freehand drawing/painting, and embroidery to create beautiful designs on silk scarves, wall hangings, and paintings.

Alongside her art practice, Kirandeep is committed to involving and engaging the community through arts through projects. She is the founder and facilitator of the Migrant Women's Art Group, which was initiated in 2020 and is supported by Gungahlin Arts. One of her current projects is Maker's Workshop, a personal and home well-being initiative in collaboration with the Multicultural Hub Canberra. In October 2022, she conducted art workshops for recently arrived children and their parents in Australia, with support from organizations like Vinnies, the Red Cross, the Multicultural Hub, and the ACT Library.


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Image: Kirandeep Grewal Silk Scarf Painting Workshop | Design Canberra 2022. Photo Credit 5 Foot Photography