Professional photography of your work is important

Professional photographs of your work are important to promote your work and show it in its best light. We are pleased to announce that Craft ACT has engaged Brenton McGeachie to be available to photograph members' work. This opportunity is open to everyone, but particularly encouraged for those making work for the 2017 members exhibition so that we have beautiful photos of all the pieces in the show.

image: Jo Victoria Precarious 8, 2017 (detail). Imperial porcelain and silver wire. Photo: Brenton McGeachie


Your best foot forward | Professional photographic documentation of your artwork

Julie Bradley, Craft ACT Associate Member

Much of what we do as artists in the running of our practices requires us to have current high quality digital files of our artwork. From representing ourselves on social media to putting together proposals for funding and residencies, having print and screen ready images professionally photographed can make a huge difference to carrying on a productive art practice.

Here are some reasons why I choose to use a professional photographer to document my artworks.


By having artwork photographed and documented it means you can take advantage and be ready for any situation that arises where you are asked to send on images of your work. This could be a gallery, a potential client, a collector, a curator or the media who often need images immediately and don’t have time to wait for you to take photos.

Applications and proposals for grants, competitions, exhibitions and residencies all require high quality images and can help you present the best impression of your work.

Building your reputation or brand

Your images represent you. Good quality images are essential for your website and any other platforms you present your work on. The quality of your images reflects your commitment, professionalism and the values you hold about your artwork and your practice.

Good record keeping and documentation of your work is one of the criteria NAVA uses to describe a professional level of arts practice. Having an up to date archive of all your work is a valuable resource. Make sure you keep a record of works that may be sold or be ephemeral in nature.

Efficient administration and good time management.

If your images are filed away and ready to go it makes applications and proposals much easier and much quicker. It pays off to routinely document your work and saves you time on your administration /paper work   leaving you more time for the studio.  

Canberra has several excellent local professional photographers who specialize in studio photography of both 2 and 3-dimensional artwork and their fee is tax deductible. I also feel that I am supporting fellow artists when I use their services.

If you have limited resources and are trying to work within a tight budget organize with a group of other artists to have your work shot at the same session and split the fee. Or be proactive by investing in learning to take good photographs of your work with a professional photographer by attending a short course. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.


Details of forthcoming Craft ACT supported photography sessions

WHERE | Brenton McGeachie studio

WHEN | 19 August 2017. 2 time options 9.30am–12.30pm or 1pm–5pm 

WHAT | Half hour sessions. Up to 4 individual pieces per half hour session, depending on scale and complexity, details to be arranged with Brenton depending. Post processing for publication. Files provided for print, email or web.

COST | $120 exclusively available for Craft ACT members

WHO | Brenton McGeachie is an established Canberra photographer. He has decades of experience, documenting art across different mediums for the NGA, NPG, NLA, AGNSW, CMAG, and privately for individual artists.


To book, or for further information please contact Emily Casey, curator: 6262 9333