Sit For An Artist

NAVA launches a new campaign, 'Sit For An Artist' urging everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated to support Australia’s creative recovery.

The visual arts sector is in crisis. Australian artists and arts workers have been impacted by lockdowns across the country with their exhibitions and commissions cancelled.

NAVA’s 'Sit For An Artist' campaign has been created in response to deep concerns about the long-term impacts of the pandemic and lockdowns on visual artists, galleries, organisations and arts workers. The 'Sit For An Artist' campaign is a play on the age-old concept of sitting for an artist for a portrait, but this time NAVA is asking Australians to sit for a COVID vaccination.

Fronting the campaign, which was filmed at the National Art School in Sydney, are Thea Perkins, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Wendy Sharpe and Dean Cross.

Read more about the NAVA campaign on their website here.