Spoon Theory + 2023 Annual Members Show Artist Talks

Craft + Design Canberra warmly invites you to join the artists from Spoon Theory + 2023 Annual Members Show for two wonderful exhibition talks. 

Saturday 28 October | 12pm - 1pm | Spoon Theory 

27 October - 9 December 2023 

Artist | Elizabeth Curry

Spoon Theory is an exhibition of spoons crafted to abstractly represent some of the emotions and traits experienced and exhibited by a person living with an invisible illness, in this case autism and depression. Based on the concept of Spoon Theory created by Christine Miserandino, each spoon will be crafted from scratch and represent an emotion or trait faced by a specific individual, the artist herself.

The aim of the exhibition is to bring awareness to invisible illnesses. It is hoped that it may help some people either through recognition or understanding and assist in the breakdown of associated stigmas.

Saturday 28 October | 1pm - 2pm | 2023 Annual Members Show

27 October - 9 December 2023

Artists talking | Julie Bradley + Dianne Firth + Lisa Stevenson

The Craft + Design Canberra annual members exhibition will showcase contemporary expressions of craft and design uniting time-honoured techniques with modern interpretations. This is a showcase exhibition demonstrating the trends in contemporary craft and design in Australia by practitioners from the ACT and surrounding region.

Artists | Luke Batten | Mahnie Blakey | Julie Bradley | Rozelyn de Bussey | Sarit Cohen | Lissa-Jane de Sailles | Lea Durie | Dianne Firth | Kirandeep Grewal | Michele Grimston | Sue Hewat | Dimity Kidston | Valerie Kirk | Nicola Knackstredt | René Linssen | Melanie Olde | Pinal Maniar | Cam Michael | Monique van Nieuwland | Brenda Runnegar | Fran Romano | Barbara Rogers | Samuel Sheppard | Lex Sorrentino | Helen Stark | Lisa Stevenson | Jo Victoria | Tania Vrancic | Isobel Waters | Susan Wiscombe


Attendance is free, register here.

Above Image: Taylah Cunningham | Cover Image: Nicola Knackstredt