Sue Peachey

Open 10am – 4pm | Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023 | 1 Aspinall Street, Watson ACT

Expect cats, expect dogs, ducks, birds and probably bats, all featured on ceramics. Expect evocative landscapes, expect colour, expect black and white, expect nerikomi and sgraffito, and expect to find out what that means. Expect demonstrations on colouring porcelain clay, slip casting, sgraffito, and the nerikomi reveal. Expect to meet an artist, see art and talk about art. Expect work for sale (I see you cat people), expect that Christmas is closer than you think and you will have a chance to buy a handmade gift, expect gratitude that you are supporting a local artist at the same time. Expect a friendly face, a warm welcome and a chat.

Sue is delighted to have her studio, River’s Edge Ceramics, nestled within the supportive community of Canberra Potters Society, an art centre focused solely on fostering the learning, making, firing, exhibiting and selling of ceramic art work. See you at Studio 7!




Image: Hexascape, 2023, Slipcast Sgrafitto, H10cm x W7cm, Photo: Sue Peachey