DISCOVER: Public art in Canberra 2022

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DISCOVER: Public art in Canberra is presented by DESIGN Canberra, Canberra Art Biennial and Canberra Museum and Gallery.

This symposium brings together artists from Canberra Art Biennial and the DISCOVER: Craft + Design trail as well as national and international artists, designers and curators to discuss public art in Canberra through three key panel discussions:

First Nations Artists in Public Art
How to succeed in public art: Knowledge transfer and role of mentors
Context and contemporaneity: legacy artworks and how they mark the city

This year the well known festival of public art; Contour 556 has become the Canberra Art Biennial and sees expansion to the National Arboretum (contour 656), the University of Canberra (contour 606) as well as maintaining and building further on their presence in North and South Canberra, centred on contour 556, the height above sea level of Lake Burley Griffin.

The DESIGN Canberra DISCOVER: Craft + Design Trail aims to support craft artist and designers to create work for the public realm. DISCOVER offered participating artists the opportunity to work with an established artistic mentor, as well as significant financial support to develop and make a work of public art.