Thor's Hammer

Open from 11.30am for one hour tours | Saturday 28 October 2023 | 10 Mildura Street, Griffith ACT


The Thor's Hammer Spring Workshop Tours will take visitors through our workshops on a timber recycling journey, starting with arrival from the demolition site through to the fine furniture produced by our craftspeople. First our recycling team will show you some of our historic timbers and demonstrate nail removal and Australian hardwood species identification. Then there will be an introduction to the big machines in our dressing workshop and the building products we make with them, and fire briquette production from waste sawdust. Next, a chance to learn about making furniture with the Joinery team, and finally a tour of our furniture showroom and gallery and Q&A with Thor to learn about the details of our furniture designs and the circular design thinking underpinning the business.


Photo: Curtesy of Artist